How Do I Introduce A Second Gerbil?

Why are my gerbils chasing each other?

True gerbil fighting is rare in bonded pairs, but it can happen at any point, often without warning.

It’s more common in female gerbils than males.

Real fights can result in injury and death.

The reason for most gerbils fighting is because they have gone through a process called declanning..

How long can gerbils be separated?

Most pups are weaned by five weeks, and will survive if separated then. The gerbils will be healthier and happier if separated at eight weeks. Put the father and male pups into another tank.

Will gerbils kill each other?

Gerbils Killing Each Other is Rare While it is not common that gerbils will kill each other in fights, it is more likely to happen in captivity where one gerbil is unable to escape the other.

Can I have one gerbil?

Gerbils can live alone. However, unless your gerbil meets certain criteria, they should always be kept in groups. Lone gerbils will be prone to loneliness and lethargy. They will miss the hustle and bustle of a social environment.

Can you introduce a new gerbil to two other gerbils?

Place one gerbil on each side of the divider so that they can see but not touch each other. Several times a day alternate the side that each gerbil lives on so they get used to each others’ scent. 2 Continue swapping the gerbils from side to side for a minimum of 7 days (longer is even better).

How often should you play with your gerbil?

However, a good rule of thumb is that you want to see your gerbil exercise for around an hour three times a week.

Can you keep hamsters and gerbils together?

So can hamsters and gerbils live together ? No, hamsters and gerbils can not and should not live together. This is because the hamster is territorial, and will attack (and kill) anything that tries to come close, even their own siblings.

Can you put two gerbils together?

A pair of gerbils (two males, or two females) is the happiest and safest combination. When two gerbils live together, they will rely on each other for company. … If you’d like to keep a group of gerbils together, ensure that there’s enough space. There should be around 10 gallons of space in the cage for each gerbil.

Do gerbils squeak when happy?

Gerbils make noise to communicate, both with you and other gerbils. Gerbils squeak and thump their feet to frighten other gerbils or predators. They make ‘yipping’ sounds when excited. Gerbils also purr to show contentment, chirp to get your attention, and make clicking breathing noises when they’re sick.

What is the average lifespan of a gerbil?

Pachyuromys duprasi: 5 – 7 yearsGreat gerbil: 2 – 4 yearsGerbils/Lifespan

How do you tell if a gerbil is stressed?

Thumping. This is something gerbils do when they are excited or stressed, as a warning to other gerbils. 3 The thumping is produced by pounding both hind legs on the ground.

How do you separate fighting hamsters?

Each cage should have its own food, water and toys.Place one hamster inside the smaller cage and one inside the larger cage and leave them there for an entire day. … Swap the hamster from the smaller cage into the larger cage and the hamster from the larger cage into the smaller cage.More items…•

Will 2 male gerbils fight?

Get only male gerbils because they are less likely to fight. You should be able to house between 2 and 4 males together with few problems. This is because male gerbils tend to get along fairly well.

Can gerbils live alone after one dies?

Gerbils live a happy and active but short life. When a gerbil does pass away, you will be left with the problem of how to handle its surviving partner. … Gerbils are highly social animals, and they do not like to live alone.

How do you tell if your gerbils are fighting?

Signs of Play FightingThey’re having a boxing match. … They lightly chase each other. … They’re having a wrestling match. … They sleep in different areas often. … One gerbil preventing the other from eating. … They bite at the head or tail. … They frantically Chase each other. … Panic squeaking coming from their cage.

Why do my gerbils keep fighting?

Whilst gerbils can and do fight, fighting is quite a rare event and is usually caused as a result of dominance. The unfortunate thing is that when gerbils fight they do so very aggressively and will often kill the loser of a fight.