Question: What Kind Of Name Is Kiran?

What does the name Kiran?

Kiran (Devanagari: किरण) is a form of an ancient unisex given name Kirana.

It originates in the Sanskrit askadas kiraṇa, meaning “ray” or “ray of light” or “beam of light”.

Other names that sound like Kiran are Kira, Kirwan, Ciaran, Keiran and Kieran..

Is Bodhi an Indian name?

Pronounced BO-dee, Bodhi is an incredibly popular Indian and Buddhist name that means “awakening” and “enlightenment” in Sanskrit.

What is black in Celtic?

In Gaelic, the Irish native language, the word for black (or dark) is “dubh,” and a foreigner is “gall.”

Is Kiran a Sikh name?

Kiran is a Sikh name for girls meaning Ray of Light.

Is Kiran a good name?

Kiran is a name that represents a tendency to exhibit extremes in terms of material success. You are either possessing a great deal of good fortune or none at all. … When people hear the name Kiran, they perceive you as someone who is mysterious, independent, and respectable.

What does Kieran mean in Gaelic?

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ciaráin ‘descendant of Ciarán’, a byname from a diminutive of ciar ‘dark’, ‘black-haired’.

How do you spell kiren?

The name Kieran and the alternative spelling Ciaran are more commonly used as male names, but have been used as female names. The more-common feminine forms are Kiera, Ciara, or Keira.

Is Kiran a unisex name?

Kiran is an Indian unisex name.

Is Kiran an Irish name?

There are multitude of rich histories underlying the many Irish surnames in use today. The name Kiran originally appeared in Gaelic as O Ciaragain, which is derived from the word “ciar,” which means “black” or “dark brown.”

How do you pronounce Kiran?

Kiran is the most common unisexual name in India….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:Kee-RunUpload the Wav/MP3 file Your browser does not support iframes.Type of Name:First NameOrigin:Indian3 more rows

Is Kiran a girl name?

The name Kiran is a girl’s name meaning “sunbeam”. … With its light-filled meaning, and similarity to names such as Kieran and Karen, this name works well outside Asia.

What does Ciaran mean in Irish?

Ciarán or Ciaran is a traditionally male given name of Irish origin (Scottish Gaelic spelling). It means “little dark one” or “little dark-haired one”, produced by appending a diminutive suffix to ciar (“black”, “dark”). It is the masculine version of the name Ciara.

How do you pronounce the name Kyran?

I know of 5 ways of spelling the same name. 3 are Irish one is Indian one is a beer in Japan….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:kai runMeaning:ray or bight light4 more rows

Where does the name Kiran come from?

The name Kiran is a boy’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning “ray of light”. Though it sounds like a modern invention, Kiran is a traditional Hindu name from India; chosen for her son by actress Kelli Williams.