Question: Who Is Lewandowski Brother?

How good is Robert Lewandowski?

Lewandowski being a great goalscorer is not new.

This is a player who has nearly 250 Bundesliga goals, 68 in the Champions League and over 400 in his career.

This is a player who scored four against Real Madrid in a Champions League semifinal, who cameoff the bench to score five goals in nine minutes in the Bundesliga..

How much does Lewandowski make?

20 million EUR (2020)Robert Lewandowski/Salary

How many golden boot has Lewandowski won?

three competitionsBayern Munich: Robert Lewandowski won the Golden Boot in three competitions.

Who is Lewandowski wife?

Anna Lewandowskam. 2013Robert Lewandowski/Wife

Where does the name Lewandowski come from?

It is the seventh most common surname in Poland (93,404 people in 2009). It is derived from the place name Lewandów, itself derived from the Old Polish word lewanda – ‘lavender’ (lawenda in modern Polish).

Who is better Lewandowski or Suarez?

Robert Lewandowski has a pass completion rate of 78.68 % and a rate of 0% for passes into the box. Luis Suarez has a pass completion rate of 76.47% and a rate of 16.67 % for passes into the box.

What does Lewandowski mean?

Polish: habitational name for someone from a place called Lewandów in Warszawa voivodeship, named with the vocabulary word lewanda, lawenda ‘lavender’.

Is Poland a country?

Poland, country of central Europe.

How much does Lewandowski get paid a week?

Lewandowski is Bayern Munich’s highest-paid player earning £275,000 per week.

What is Lewandowski net worth?

Robert Lewandowski Net Worth and Salary: Robert Lewandowski is a Polish soccer player who has a net worth of $85 million. Robert is probably most-famous for being a striker for the German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Polish national team.

How long is Lewandowski’s contract?

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has signed a new four-year contract with the German champions that will keep him at the club until 2023.

How many trophies does Lewandowski have?

eightLewandowski is a serial champion: he has eight Bundesliga titles, three DFB Cup winners’ medals and another four Torjägerkanone gongs on his crowded mantlepiece. But one big-eared footballing monument has so far eluded Lewandowski’s hoarding – the Champions League.