Quick Answer: Is Kaappaan Hit Or Flop?

Is the Villain hit or flop?

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Won the Edison Award in Best Villain (2012) category for his role in “Naan Ee” (Tamil version of “Eega (2012)”)….Sudeep All Films Hit Flop Box Office verdict.50Year2018FilmThe VillainVerdictAverage52 more columns.

Is Ranarangam hit or flop?


What is the meaning of Masaan?

Explaining the meaning of Masaan, Grover said, “Masaan is a slang word in Benares for shamshaan (cremation ground). The film reflects upon the philosophy of the cycle of life and death in many ways.”

Who is the hero of the villain movie?

Manohar, starring Shiva Rajkumar, Sudeep, Amy Jackson, Mithun Chakraborty, Srikanth in lead roles….The Villain (2018 film)The VillainWritten byMalavalli Saikrishna (Dialogues)Screenplay byPremStarringShiva Rajkumar Sudeep Amy Jackson Srikanth Mithun Chakraborty Tilak ShekarMusic byArjun Janya9 more rows

What is the budget of the villain?

Rs 55 crore06/6​The Villain This 2018 film was directed by Prem and produced by CR Manohar. According to sources, the movie was made on a budget of Rs 55 crore, and with this, it joined the list of big-budget films in the Kannada film industry.

Is Sita movie hit or flop?

But director Teja has revealed that the film has nearly made them 10 crores profits. Speaking with a media house she shared that he made only a profitable film, though media calls Sita a flop flick.

Is Masaan hit or flop?

The Box Office Report of According to news, Media and MT WIKI Research….Masaan: Movie Budget, Profit & Hit or Flop on Box Office Collection:Masaan Film Budget, Profit, Loss and Status Hit or Flop ?Total Collection:-10 – 15 Crores ExpectationBudget + P&A:2-3 CroreProfit/Loss:N/ATheatrical Business Verdict:N/AJul 24, 2015

What is the collection of the villain Kannada movie?

Director Santhosh Anandram’s Puneeth starrer Rajakumaara holds the box office record with a reported gross collection of over Rs 60 crore. The net share for the producers of that film was reportedly more than Rs 30 crore. Manju is expecting The Villain to cross these numbers in just two weeks.

What is the story of Masaan?

Benares, the holy city on the banks of the Ganges, deals out cruel punishment for those who do not respect moral traditions. Deepak, a young man from a poor neighborhood, falls hopelessly in love with a young girl from a different caste.Masaan/Film synopsis

Is Jersey hit or flop?

According to FiLMiBEAT portal, Jersey collected Rs 4.92 crore in Nizam during the first weekend. … Majili was released on April 5, 2019, while Jersey hit the box office on April 19. 2019. Jersey has been successful in winning the hearts of the audience.

Is Ranarangam a remake?

In his debut film Swamy Ra Ra (2013), director Sudheer Varma made it clear that he is tipping his hat to international filmmakers and declared that he is inspired by (not copying) their work. The title credits of his new film Ranarangam begin with a quote from Fight Club: “Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy”.