Quick Answer: What Is Bryce Harper’S Dogs Name?

Is Bryce Harper’s contract guaranteed?

On Thursday, Bryce Harper became the latest in a string of players to set a new salary standard, reaching a free-agent deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for 13 years and $330 million, the most ever guaranteed to a baseball player..

How old is Scott Kingery?

26 years (April 29, 1994)Scott Kingery/Age

Does Bryce Harper have a dog?

2. Bryce Harper. Few pets have stirred up more speculation in sports than Washington Nationals’ right fielder Bryce Harper’s dog. … Thankfully, his pup Wrigley is calm under pressure from the media.

What is Bryce Harper’s middle name?

Bryce Aron Max HarperBryce Aron Max Harper (born October 16, 1992) is an American professional baseball right fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Who is Bryce Harper’s dad?

Ron HarperBryce Harper/Fathers

Who is Bryce Harper’s wife?

Kayla Varnerm. 2016Bryce Harper/Wife

What is Bryce Harper’s salary?

10 million USD (2019)Bryce Harper/Salary

What was Bryce Harper’s deal?

Baseball phenom Bryce Harper has signed a $330 million, 13-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, according to the Associated Press (AP), citing a person familiar with the negotiations. The deal is dependent on the 26-year-old outfielder passing a physical exam and believed to be the largest in baseball history.

Is Ryne Harper Bryce Harper’s brother?

Exactly one week later, the player was named, and his name was Ryne Harper (before you look, no, that’s not Bryan Harper, Bryce Harper’s brother). … In six seasons spanning six levels of the minors since being drafted, Harper has compiled quite the impressive track record, amassing 412 strikeouts in 335.0 IP.

Is Bryce Harper worth the money?

Harper, despite only playing in his 8th season in Major League Baseball, already has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How old is Brian Harper?

61 years (October 16, 1959)Brian Harper/Age

Does Bryce Harper have a sister?

Brittany Harper-PetersonBryce Harper/Sisters