Quick Answer: What Is RSA Archer GRC?

How much does RSA Archer cost?

Description: The RSA Archer GRC is a platform that integrates with a number of modules such as policy management, vulnerability risk management and content library.

Price: Starts at about $55,000 depending on configuration..

Who owns RSA Security?

Symphony Technology GroupRSA/Parent organizations

What is GRC Archer?

The RSA® Archer® GRC Platform supports business-level management of enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC). … Define and automate business processes for streamlining the management of content, tasks, statuses and approvals.

What is Archer used for?

Archer Suite consolidates data from across your organization and uses risk analytics to provide an integrated picture of risk. Your organization can automate governance, risk and compliance processes, leading to cost savings and other efficiency gains.

What is GRC tool?

What is GRC Software? Governance risk management and compliance software (GRC Software) is a means for publicly-held enterprises to manage IT-related operations that require regulation and ensure they are meeting compliance and risk standards.

What is Archer cartoon?

Archer is an American adult animated sitcom created by Adam Reed for the basic cable network FX. … Archer was conceived by Reed shortly after the cancellation of his prior show Frisky Dingo for Adult Swim.

What does RSA Archer stand for?

RSA was named after the initials of its co-founders, Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, after whom the RSA public key cryptography algorithm was also named. Among its products are the RSA BSAFE cryptography libraries and the SecurID authentication token.

Is Archer a GRC tool?

The RSA Archer GRC Platform creates a common set of capabilities, methodologies and taxonomy to support your risk and compliance program. Watch to learn how the RSA Archer GRC Platform enables greater integration of data across your program, while creating a common language and reporting structure to share results.

Why is GRC important?

Why is GRC important? Effective GRC implementation helps the organization to reduce risk and improve control effectiveness, security and compliance through an integrated and unified approach that reduces the ill effects of organizational silos and redundancies.

Where is RSA used?

RSA is still seen in a range of web browsers, email, VPNs, chat and other communication channels. RSA is also often used to make secure connections between VPN clients and VPN servers. Under protocols like OpenVPN, TLS handshakes can use the RSA algorithm to exchange keys and establish a secure channel.

Is RSA owned by Dell?

RSA, which was owned by EMC, became Dell’s. In 2018, Dell Technologies bought nearly $22 billion in shares of VMware’s tracking stock, which allowed the company to avoid making another initial public offering. It also allowed the company to hold onto 81% of its common stock ownership.

What companies use RSA encryption?

These chips are used in products manufactured by Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Toshiba and Chromebook vendors, reports Bleeping Computer and the RSA keys generated by Infineon’s chips are used in government-issued identity documents, during software signing, in authentication tokens, with message …

What does RSA Security do?

RSA Security is a United States-based organization that creates encryption, network and computer security products. Ron Rivest Adi Shamir, and Len Adleman founded RSA as an independent company in 1982.

Who owns Archer GRC?

Archer Technologies was founded in 2001 and acquired by RSA in 2010. RSA, founded in 1982, was acquired by EMC in 2006. EMC itself was acquired by Dell in 2016 and became a Dell Technologies business.? Dell operates as a privately held company.

How does a GRC tool work?

GRC software is a set of tools designed to integrate compliance into everyday business processes like user provisioning, role management, emergency access management, and periodic risk assessment. … They also maintain audit logs and compile reports to facilitate auditing, risk analysis, and other GRC processes.

What are the components of GRC?

Major components of IT GRC solutionsIT Policy Management.IT Risk Management.Compliance Management.Threat & Vulnerability Management.Vendor Risk Management.Incident Management.

What does RSA mean?

Republic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa.

Why did Dell sell RSA?

“The sale of RSA gives us greater flexibility to focus on integrated innovation across Dell Technologies, while allowing RSA to focus on its strategy of providing risk, security and fraud teams with the ability to holistically manage digital risk.”