Quick Answer: Where Did The Term Bubbler Come From?

Where do they call it a bubbler?

Only people from eastern Wisconsin and Rhode Island call it a “bubbler” while those from the rest of the country drinks out of a “drinking fountain” or a “water fountain.”.

Where was the bubbler invented?

Wisconsininvented and holds the patent for a Wisconsin favorite, the bubbler. The Internet abounds with reports that claim the bubbler is a trademarked name for a product designed in 1888 by a man named Harlan Huckleby who worked for Kohler Water Works, now Kohler Co.

Is it a water fountain or bubbler?

Some only called outside fountains, bubblers, while others vice versa. One only called non-refridgerating fountains, bubblers. Drinking fountain seems to be the generic term that everyone is familiar with, whether they use it or not. Other synonyms are: water fountain, water cooler, fountain, and water bubbler.

What does bubbler mean?

Bubbler is a regional term for what’s more commonly called a drinking fountain or a water fountain—a device that ejects a fountainlike stream of water that can be drunk from without a cup.