Where Is The Best Place To Sell Concert Tickets?

How can I get Ticketmaster fees waived?

You may be able to buy tickets on the secondary market (like StubHub) at less than the cost with the fees on Ticketmaster if the event isn’t demanding higher prices.

Also, try contacting the box office of the venue to purchase the tickets through them.

Some may be able to sell to you without charging those fees..

Is it better to buy tickets online or at the venue?

Most larger music venues and stadiums have a box office where you can purchase tickets directly. This isn’t always the case, but if it’s an option to you it’s a great way to avoid the ridiculous service charges that come when you order tickets online. It also works when tickets are supposedly sold out.

Can I sell tickets from Ticketmaster on StubHub?

Ticketmaster doesn’t allow resell on their site for all events. However, you can sell those tickets on StubHub or any other marketplace.

Secondary ticketing refers to the practice of reselling tickets for an event, such as a rock concert or a football match. … However, it is still perfectly legal to resell tickets for other events such as gigs and concerts, as long as the sale abides by consumer protection laws.

Why won’t Ticketmaster let me sell my tickets?

You may find there are a small number of tickets that can’t currently be resold on Ticketmaster Resale. … Also, tickets purchased initially as a Fan-to-Fan Resale ticket cannot be resold. If this is the case, you will see a “resale not available” message instead of the “sell” button.

Is StubHub cheaper than Ticketmaster?

It’s the same reason why sometimes tickets are listed higher on Stubhub as they are/were on Ticketmaster: prices are set by individual ticket owners, pricing based on demand. … When this happens, pricing in the open market (stubhub) tends to go well below the Ticketmaster (or primary market) price.

How long does StubHub sell tickets before an event?

If you have the option to transfer then you can list them and they will be available up to 4 hours before the event start time.

Do concert tickets get more expensive closer to the date?

You can wait until the event gets closer and you should find that tickets are available for below face value on the secondary market. As the event date nears, ticket prices will continue to drop as long as the inventory levels remain steady. … It’s also important to avoid service fees when purchasing tickets.

When should I buy concert tickets?

Buy immediately – or immediately beforehand. Because promoters overestimate the number of seats they hold back, a flood of tickets may hit the market during the hours before a gig. Scalpers also tend to give up in the final stretch, slashing prices on tickets they don’t manage to sell for a profit.

Where do I sell concert tickets?

Ticketmaster attracts millions of fans looking for tickets everyday, giving you access to sell your tickets to any fan, anywhere.

Do StubHub prices go down closer to event?

Yes they do. You just have to give it time and keep checking back. Typically, as the event date gets closer, ticket holders selling on the StubHub marketplace will lower their prices so as to get rid of the inventory of tickets they have, for better to make money at a cheaper rate than to completely lose your profit.